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Dalucci Design on 2nd Hand Social

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If you’re a savvy shopper for the home, then you’re already aware of awesome stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx and probably a handful of otherS. Great inexpensive finds for the home don’t necessarily have to be found at a flea market or yard sale. Items found in stores carry their own special “second hand” value, and have a second hand price! Today we’re super excited to feature Dana Angelucci, of Dalucci Design. Dana shares with us a recent remodel project with us and shows (the pictures are awesome) you don’t have to spend a million dollars for your home to look like a million dollars!

Lavenders Body Clinic on More Than the Curve

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Lavenders Body Care Clinic is introducing a few promotions for the summer.  The first promotion is their Summer Weekday Promotion, which runs Monday, Tuesday and Thursday through the end of August.  The specials are:

  • Massage Mondays- Enjoy our Restorative Massage regularly $85, for 15% off
  • Treatment Tuesdays- Take home a “scrub kit” when you get a Warm Java Scrub
  • Sexy Thighs Thursdays- Get a 10% discount on a wax/spray combo

Lavenders Body Clinic on Style Maniac

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There’s lots of great things about owning your own company.  And then there’s Tax Day. This year I was so stressed after transferring chunks of our bank account to the IRS that I made a pot of coffee — and neglected to put the coffee pot on the burner.

Fortunately, soon after I had a different kind of experience with coffee grounds — mixed with coconut butter and slathered on me during a Warm Java Scrub & Massage courtesy Lavenders Body Care Clinic in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.  The stress relief was immediate.  After floating back down to earth, I knew I had to let you, dear readers, share in the delicious relaxation.  So I asked the spa’s owner, Vera Kosabutski, to share her tips on how to create a spa experience at home. Then Vera and I concocted another goodie:  a treat for one of you to enjoy the spa itself in the first ever Style Maniac Giftaway.

Main Line Parent via Real Mom Media (Joey Fortman)

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I’m super excited to be apart of Mainline Parent and Moms Night Out this year. I love Sarah and have been a big supporter of her and all her efforts for sometime now.  She’s got a super awesome magazine that is fab for any parent that lives in or near the Main Line of Philadelphia! The Moms Night Out happens this year on May 9th at the Radnor Valley Country Club. There is an awesome silent auction and fashion show along with a night of mingling with mom friends.

Centerton Country Club & Event Center in The Grapevine

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Since being taken over by new management in the summer of 2011, Centerton Country Club & Event Center has undergone a wide array of changes, the most apparent of which is in the changing of Centerton’s name and the introduction of a new logo. The new moniker has ushered in a rebranding effort which ownership believes will foster a new public perception of Centerton.

Casey Feldman Foundation via the Delco Daily Times

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The parents of Casey Feldman, the 21-year-old Springfield woman who was killed by a distracted driver in the summer of 2009, were on hand Wednesday as county council passed a resolution declaring April to be Distracted Driving Awareness Month. “The bottom line is that we would like something good to become of her death,” said Dianne Anderson, Casey’s mother.

Casey Feldman Foundation in the Philadelphia Business Journal

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Joel Feldman remembers the frustration he felt in April 2009 when his new car would not allow him to program its GPS system while the vehicle was in motion. “My old car would let me do that,” said Feldman, a plaintiffs personal injury lawyer and partner at Anapol Schwartz. “And I remember being angry about it. I used to drive distracted all the time — GPS, cell phones, eating. … You name it.”

Tricia Raymond (Author) on

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The Christian religion has been under attack for many years in America. Removing “Under God” from the pledge is just another attempt to remove Christianity from the culture. Tricia Raymond, author of One Nation Under God, is our guest. She asks, what message would it send children if the secularists have their way? Would we tell them that God no longer has a place in our country? It is imperative that we keep “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance.

Casey Feldman Foundation Press Conference

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Dreifuss Fireplaces on KYW

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Project H.O.M.E has teamed up with a local heating contractor to make one of its properties a little more like home.

James Widener Ray Homes opened at 21st and Venango in the Tioga section of the city in November. It was demolished inside down to the studs, and then rebuilt. Project H.O.M.E’s Amy Burns says 10 percent of the workers were formerly homeless.

“One of the workers on the building was actually the son of one of our residents who was formerly homeless when he was young, and he’s now in college, becoming a masonry artist, and he worked on this building. There are a lot of really nice stories about how this building came to be,” said Burns.

Now, it’s a little warmer too. David Waldman of Dreifuss Fireplaces installed an electric fireplace in the lobby this week.

Main Line Parent via DAILYCANDY

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Main Line Parent Early Childhood Education Fair

What: Info on camp, schools, and child care for the 6-and-under set, plus a puppet show and performances.
Why: Want extra credit? Stay for seminars on preschool, financial aid, and more.
When: Sun., 1-4 p.m.
Where: Young Sports, 133 Sugartown Rd., Wayne. Tickets online at Families, $5.

Dreifuss Fireplaces in Philadelphia Style

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Square Peg Artery & Salvage on

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Bypass a trip to the corner drugstore, and pick up a locally crafted valentine this holiday — or better yet, make your own with the help of Philadelphia’s many stationery shops. (Photo credits: Lobster Love card by Rachelink, photo courtesy Square Peg; I Love You card photo courtesy Black Heart Letterpress)

Giardini di Sole in Wedding Style New England

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Giardini di Sole’s Red Coral Dinnerware by Enza Fasano.

Square Peg Artery & Salvage in GRID

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You’ve made your list and checked it twice, but it doesn’t really matter if they’re naughty or nice—you still have to get something for the rugrats. It’s actually not that hard to avoid the trappings of Saturday morning cartoon merch and drop something special down the chimney. The kids are gonna love it.

#3: Color Your Own Plush Greenstar Studio combines two favorite toys: coloring book and a stuffed friend. $15 at Square Peg Artery and Salvage

Dreifuss Fireplaces in Main Line Today

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As the chill in the air becomes more pronounced, so does our longing for a fireplace. “More people are renovating their homes, and one upgrade they want to include seems to be a fireplace,” says David Waldman, owner of Dreifuss Fireplaces, with locations in Paoli and Philadelphia. “They definitely add value to a home.”

Square Peg Artery & Salvage via CBS3

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a project underway in a local arts community to create 300 “gifts of warmth” for the homeless before Thanksgiving, and the center of the action is on S 20th Street between Chestnut and Sansom Streets.

Just off of Rittenhouse Square sits Square Peg Artery and Salvage. Manager Jennifer Harrison says that last year, she and her neighbors noticed a high number of homeless people wearing clothes inappropriate for cold weather. So they put their knitting needles together and started creating hats, scarves and other items for the homeless. Now, they’re at it again.

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs via the Associated Press

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NEW YORK — Sports, s’mores and cabin life are fine for millions of kids who troop off to summer camp every year, but what about the budding Wall Streeters, computer geeks and foodies with no interest in marshmallows on a stick, hours of sweaty soccer or buggy wilderness? There’s no need to subject reluctant campers to more traditional programs with a world of specialized experiences available, ranging from day camps to overnight stays of a week or more.