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Casey Feldman Foundation in the Philadelphia Business Journal

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Joel Feldman remembers the frustration he felt in April 2009 when his new car would not allow him to program its GPS system while the vehicle was in motion. “My old car would let me do that,” said Feldman, a plaintiffs personal injury lawyer and partner at Anapol Schwartz. “And I remember being angry about it. I used to drive distracted all the time — GPS, cell phones, eating. … You name it.”

Tricia Raymond (Author) on

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The Christian religion has been under attack for many years in America. Removing “Under God” from the pledge is just another attempt to remove Christianity from the culture. Tricia Raymond, author of One Nation Under God, is our guest. She asks, what message would it send children if the secularists have their way? Would we tell them that God no longer has a place in our country? It is imperative that we keep “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance.

Casey Feldman Foundation Press Conference

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